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Towards A Better Future

"Four words: This too shall pass. You're having a rotten day - You're having a hopeless day? This too shall pass. You're having a great day - You feel on top of the world? This too shall pass. It evens out. Life is a big bell curve. No matter how dark, no matter how wonderful this too shall pass." Fred Rogers.

'Vorsprung - Awakening'
'Awakening' by A. Vranek © 2020.

Vorsprung isn’t about sport, nor exercise, nor even about movement.

It is about improving brain-to-body and body-to-brain communication pathways.

Any improvement to ones sporting activities, exercise programmes, academic studies, daily routines, household chores, Dyslexic or Dyspraxic tendencies are a by-product.

Vorsprung is so much more.

Data Protection: We do not collect or store any personal information from e-mails, telephone conversations or websites (unless we have your consent to retain your e-mail or postal address for further correspondence). Nor do we pass-on any personal information to any third party.

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